It is nearly time to say Hello to Christmas and Farewell to 2022. With so much chatter in the media about the state of the economy, rising prices, food versus warmth and workers on strike, it would be a simple thing to let the negative have centre stage. To many it may appear there is little cheer to be had. We want to buck that trend somewhat as the past year at Delta has been as interesting as always and there have been plenty of highs. The senior members of the Delta family celebrated grandchild No 5 in November with the arrival of Rose. We saw our first Grandson start secondary school and three of his cousins all had a very successful 12 months both in school and out. We watch each little individual continue to grow and build on the interesting characters they are - all with very different likes and talents (a bit like our talent pool!) At the office, we have worked yet again with some amazing clients and candidates, really celebrating each connection and enjoying people's journeys. We will go into the break with warm feelings about our achievements and the changes we have been able to help make to many careers. We have committed to leaving behind the frustrations of ghosting, no shows, counter offers and poor manners in the hope there will be a resurgence of the welcome, but short lived, Be Kind movement. We really cannot complain though so are looking to 2023 with optimism. Although there have already been some clients restructuring, there are also still a high number of open vacancies waiting for great talent. Having been in operation since 1988 we have seen many ups and many downs in the recruitment market, so are confident that history will repeat itself and after each downturn there has been a boom to refill those roles that were deemed surplus just a short time prior! Our message for this season is to keep positive, keep looking ahead and if it all seems hard work - put us on speed dial, as we are always happy to chat through options for your employment needs.

Wishing you all a Merry Festive season and a joyous New Year.