Age - Is it Just a Number or Is it an Attitude?

Having spent the evening on Monday watching a group of post 65 year olds leaping about the stage with vim and vigour I started to think about our ageing population and our attitude as employers. A great deal of emphasis has been placed by government and academic institutions on the re-launch of Apprenticeship schemes and the number of young people who find themselves without work or opportunity to start a career. Can we really blame the shortage of youth hires on the readily available more mature workforce? If Monday was anything to go by, the older set really have earned their place in the economic and societal enrichment contributors group. Rarely these days do I see anywhere near the level of application, energy and commitment as shown by Fleetwood Mac especially when I am reviewing candidates making their first steps into the commercial world. Maybe there is such a step change in generational behaviour that the newer entrants to the job market are more akin to toddlers that still need their afternoon nap? Am purely playing Devils Advocate in this piece however, as I interviewed a young lady this morning who showed me lots of drive, determination and ambition. She will go far as she stands out from the crowd with her attitude as well as her potential ability. I am sure she is not alone but wouldn't it be fantastic if we could address the balance just a little bit. We here at Delta are playing our part and are in the process of joining the Apprenticeship scheme and growing our own stars - hopefully we will find a shining light in the pool of applicants. If we don't, maybe we should think about an 'Autumn of Your Career' Scheme and capitalise on all that fantastic experience out there instead?

A great quote I heard recently from the amazing Steve Waugh 'Attitude is Infectious - Is yours Worth Catching?'