Christmas 2019

Like so many people, I am currently in a seasonally instigated period of reflection. The past year has definitely had some fantastic moments but some challenging and some sad too. Business has been rewarding and we have worked with some phenomenal characters and feel we have contributed to the positive drive forward in the science world by finding great talent for great opportunities. 2020 is already looking to kick off in an exciting vein with some interesting roles and a number of new clients.
2019 saw us take part in the London Moonwalk and again, I would like to say a huge Thank You to those who supported us emotionally and financially - your kind words were a massive spur on in the final miles! We keep both cancer related and dementia research focussed charities close to our hearts and we look forward to getting involved somehow next year.
Homelessness is a situation that tugs at my heart and in lieu of Christmas cards this year we have decided to pay for a number of shelter spaces so that those in crisis can have somewhere to get a hot meal and a warm, dry bed. We may live in an affluent area but Cambridge and in fact, little old sleepy St Ives has more than its share of people who sadly seem to have no roof to call their own.

So, as I look out of my window and watch the busy shoppers getting their Christmas goods on this grey and very wet Friday I would like to wish everyone a warm, safe and happy festive season. May all your loved ones be well and thankful (even if Dad does receive yet another pair of socks or mini multi-tool)!
Here's to 2020 and working with you to find awesome talent!