Emotional Investment

We recently took the view that our blogs moving forward were not going to be 'bashing' anyone or anything as there are so many rants and negative posts out on the social media platforms. The recruitment world and its inhabitants get a fair amount of bad press and I get that. I really do. I am frequently on the receiving end of poor sales calls, inappropriate applications and pseudo relationship hunters so feel the pain like anyone else. I am more than happy for someone to take the time to call or e-mail me if they are a potential provider and actually care about how they might be able to help my business. I would welcome giving them the time so they can hear me wax lyrical about how great we are. I don't mean to sound arrogant but I sit here and look at my compact and bijou team and can feel their sincerity, determination and love emanating from one side of the room to the other. Each and every one of them truly gives a damn and invests so much emotional energy into their clients and candidates alike that it honestly astounds me when the weak minded amongst the job seeking population drop out at the last minute, drop off the face of the earth or lie through their teeth to withdraw from an opportunity. Do candidates understand what we actually go through on their behalf to then be brushed off like a fleck of fluff on a shoulder? This morning has presented a prime example of a client bending over backwards to accommodate a candidate for interview who has at the last minute given some insipid excuse for non attendance and shut down the routes of communication. This saddens me hugely, not only for my team member who had stayed late searching for opportunities for this candidate but also coached them, critiqued their outdated style and basically prepared them for life out in the big wide world but also for humanity as this person is not alone. Not alone at all. We aren't even a pushy agency but take a far more holistic, long term relationship viewpoint so really there was no excuse. I doubt the candidate will even give us a second thought over the coming weekend nor imagine that my lovely lady is now back to the drawing board and will be giving up her free time to source a more committed applicant and thus not disappoint her client.