Hello to you all,

How are you all doing in these challenging times? Have your feelings changed towards the working world? Have these times made you halt your job searching? Have you noticed a decrease or increase in available opportunities in the marketplace?

We haven't noticed a huge difference in the amount of open positions we see and have available but have noticed hesitancy from candidates when it comes to reviewing something new or taking a step forward in the application process.
If you are one of the group of people who had been considering a change before COVID19 consumed the globe, what change do you think would need to happen to make you consider restarting the search? Are there certain things that could realistically be put into place to make you feel more comfortable?

What is worse -to take the plunge and find something new right now with all the risk involved or to stay in a job that you may have been really hating? Has your working environment dramatically changed? If it has, long-term, could this have a negative impact on your productivity and your mental health?

Or, on the flip side have you found that having the opportunity to work from home has actually made you realise that you love your role a lot more now?

We are keen to hear your thoughts, so get in touch with us here at Delta whether that be via email on deborah@delta-consultants.com or call 01480 275527. We are here to help and eager to chat!

Stay safe!