I can't believe what I'm reading!

I recently came across a blog and was really disappointed with what I read. This blog pointed out a few things a candidate should never say to a Recruiter.

It started off explaining how a good recruiter knows how to make the candidate open up and therefore slip up and say something you shouldn't. As if to say the skilled recruiter is a charming schmoozer whose gain is to get all your secrets out of you. This just isn't the case. Simply put, the recruiter can't help you if you're not being honest. Recruitment is a two way thing where you work together to find your ideal career.

Here's why it is important to be open and honest. For example:

  • If it is an "in between" job you're looking for quickly as you're out of a job currently. You'll take any job right now and then move one when you find the right one. Well a recruiter will want to know this so they can find you a permanent role from the off. If you suddenly leave after you've taken a job this isn't very professional. If you take a job just for the sake of it for the time being and leave suddenly when you find a better job, it looks like you can't stay in one job for very long. We would have established trust with our client and only want to submit candidates who are truly committed to the role. You would have wasted the recruiter and employers time.

If your last company was awful. We don't want you to spill the beans about them. It isn't nice to bad mouth your past company and it is something you definitely wouldn't want to bring up in interview or to a potential employer. However our conversations with you would be confidential. Having feedback on your previous client would allow the recruiter to understand what you do and don't like about certain companies or roles. This will help them find the right company and job for you.

If you've been put forward for a job but you don't think you'll take it but you've now been invited to interview and the arrangements have been made but you know in yourself you won't take the job if it was offered to you. Either you've got other interviews lined up or you actually don't want to leave your current job or there is something that just doesn't fit with your aims. It's completely fine to keep your options open, but keeping the recruiter in the loop with will allow them to ensure they have other candidates attending interview who do want the job. If you've been put you forward for a role you weren't sold on, then why? What is it about the role you don't like? The recruiter may need to have a more in depth chat with you about what roles would interest you. They don't want to waste your or their time. They could use that time to find you a job you really want.

Unfortunately this blog I read was encouraging lying and being deceitful. I say treat people how you would like to be treated.