"I DO"

Being a newly-wed I'm looking forward to a long, loving marriage. Although feeling starry eyed and loved up in our Honeymoon period, I know this won't always be the case. We all have our up and downs but like all things you have to put in to get out.

This realisation got me thinking how similar the attributes are of what it takes to have a successful marriage and to have a successful client/agency relationship.

At Delta we believe what makes a strong business relationship is to:

· Be honest

· Respect each other's opinions

· Arrive at a decision together

· Have mutual respect

· Maintain good communication

· Maintain openness thoughout

· Trust each other to do their best

· Be in it for the long term

· Listen well

· Don't promise what you can't deliver

· Always look for ways to keep the relationship vibrant/up-to-date

· Understand what you both want from the relationship

· Spend each other's money as if it was your own

· Appreciate each other's strength

· Never assume

· Grow together as a team

· Support each other through the ups and downs

Just like a successful marriage, we're in it together.