Is It All About the Winning?

A trip to London on Sunday and a busy train full of red scarves reminded this Spurs fan that Arsenal had won the FA Cup and were parading through the city in all their glory. Did it hurt? Well it smarted a bit to be honest but it made me ask myself - is winning really that important? As a mum of two fairly competitive kids (now grown up) I often found myself in that whole 'It is only a game/YAY! You are the best!' scenario. I didn't want to be pushy and force my kids to do something that became less and less enjoyable just because winning at all costs became the only goal but neither did/do I want them to settle for second best.

I feel the same when recruiting either for the team here or for our clients. We have a really nice vibe going on at Delta and offer a supportive, family friendly and loyal environment that apparently is what is desired most by those looking for a new role these days according to the latest CIPD Employee Outlook Survey. Are all of the team out and out 'got to be Number One' types though? No, they aren't, but all of them are winners in their own way whether it be by filling the most vacancies, giving the best customer service, finding the best candidates or making the best cup of tea. Each of them has a very valuable contribution to make and by doing this, the team members makes a cohesive unit that stands by each other, celebrates success and mops away any tears (those involved in recruitment will understand this!)

So coming back to my original question asked of myself....yes, I think it is all about the winning but sometimes the win isn't about crossing the finish line first. If you aren't feeling like you belong on the podium maybe your employer isn't seeing or utilising your skills in the best way. Why not have a chat with us and see if a change of scene could turn you into a Lewis Hamilton or a Bradley Wiggins or even a Gooner. COYS!