Leaving a Legacy

This Wednesday I am off to say a formal goodbye to one of my father-in-laws (complicated story) following the loss of his very short a battle with Oesophageal cancer and pneumonia. I was introduced to this man when I was in my teens as his elder sons love interest and although I saw him infrequently he made a huge impression in my heart. This blog is not about a pouring out of grief or a family history lesson but recognition that people can change, soften, become less self centred so really there is no 'its too late'. An avid Watford FC fan, Stephen Todd 'Big Steve' was a bit of a wanderer and seemed to struggle somewhat with commitment and responsibility as his ex-wives will I am sure, acknowledge. As his children grew older they were able to see the real good in him and forgive some of his little foibles. Big Steve was intrinsically a people person, a fun guy to be with who had a zest for life, a love of company and who had a passion for the Hornets as well as the ocean waves. What has astounded me has been the response to his death from many who knew him. There have been so many stories, laughs and shared memories that no matter what mistakes he may have made as a husband and father, these have all melted away and his true self, the one with verve, vitality, love and hilarity, has been able to shine through. Steve learned to temper hi s approach, recognise that some of us are still learners in life and not all of us are uber confident and with this change of self, he became even more popular and most of all, satisfied with his lot and able to recognise the really great opportunities and relationships life had given him. RIP Stephen Todd. Come on you 'Orns!