Medics, losing faith in the NHS, are moving across to careers within Industry.

As delighted as companies will be to recruit highly qualified medics, what does this mean for our crumbling NHS and the Health Service we rely on?

I can certainly appreciate why employees of the NHS are losing faith. We all need the right tools and resource to do a quality job and it seems for medics and members of the health service, these are being limited more and more.

On a personal level, I was recently notified by a delightful Paediatrician working for the NHS, that my son would not get the assessment or support he requires because the department he would need access to was no longer in existence following continued budget cuts by the Government.

With respect to challenges concerning ADD, ADHD and Autism, this Paediatrician stated that there is a major issue and concern, both locally and nationally, with teenagers getting into serious trouble with Police and even self harming, because they are not given the support they require. Is portioning of budgets more important than our youth of today who are to become our future?

On a positive note, I have had the pleasure of visiting Great Ormand Street Hospital for Children. What an amazing place, amazing people, making life changing decisions and providing astounding quality of care.

How does such an amazing place exist, one might ask? It would appear they heavily rely on generous donations from parents and the public to raise the required £19M funding they require per annum in order to continue providing the service they do.

We can't afford to lose these amazing people, making such a difference to the lives of so many, not just children, but parents, partners, friends and many other loved ones.