My First 3 Months in Recruitment

I have been with Delta Consultants now for over three months and have learnt so much in that time. I am not new to recruitment, but in-house recruitment is so different to commercial recruitment. I knew it would be a challenge and I would have so much to learn!

A big challenge for me has been learning the roles as Delta is a specialist agency who carry out permanent recruitment for scientific and technical commercial positions. I found the terminology tough to get my head around and actually understanding the roles was challenging but I really feel I have got to grips with it now which makes new jobs coming in a lot less daunting! I was new to searching for candidates as well, but this was not such a big hurdle for me and although I still have a lot to learn I am sure I'm on the right track. I have already made my first placement earlier than anticipated which was a real confidence boost for me and gave me such a buzz and satisfaction knowing I had helped the candidate and the client.

An interesting part for me is the sales aspect of the role. I am not new to sales, but my experience has been in retail (including a more consultative sales role in a well known health store), which is very different to the type of proactive sales done by recruitment professionals. Luckily I am determined and know that I will get there.

I love my job - I love that I am helping others but also building a good career for myself. Delta Consultants really fit in with my values, which is why I was thrilled to be offered a career here. We screen all candidates just to register them to fully understand them as a person and what it is they want to give us the best chance possible of helping them achieve it. We never submit a CV unless the candidate is thoroughly on board with the opportunity, which benefits the client and the candidate - something quite rare in the recruitment industry and I am so proud to represent a company that operates ethically in this way to deliver a quality service to client and candidate alike.

My advice to anyone considering a career in recruitment is to fully understand what you are getting into. All agencies operate differently so make sure your values match or you could find yourself unhappy in a role that disagrees with who you are as a person. Also, investigate what roles the agency recruit for. Are they temporary, permanent or both? What industries do they specialise in? You also need to be prepared for the very high ups and very low downs of the job which can make it hard to remain motivated, so you have to be able to deal with this. My team are amazing and we work so well together that we build each other up through the lows so I am incredibly lucky to have this support. I am looking forward to building a successful career with Delta Consultants!