One Year On.....

The office was a buzz of excitement the day Deborah Hale took over the management of Delta Consultants and now this Friday evening one year on, the office is celebrating the achievements of the past 12 months over a glass of sparkling wine in the sunshine!

We asked Debs for her thoughts reminiscing over the past year and her ideas for the company moving forward.

Q1. What were your initial thoughts when you bought the business?

A. Our initial thoughts were that we were very fortunate to have been able to buy such a well respected business with such a loyal customer base. We felt proud that Ann and Ian had seen us as the right people to sell the business to and that we would both look after the historical work as well as taking the company forward.

Q2. And how have those thoughts changed over the past year?

A. The thoughts haven't changed - we still massively respect the pedigree that is attached to Delta Consultants and the staff that work and have worked here.

Q3. What plans did you have for the business?

A. Our plans have always been for measured growth and these have not changed. Finding the right team members is our number one goal and are looking to combine that with additional service offerings to our clients.

Q4. What has been your most favourite high point of the past year?

A. High point of the year - wow, that is a tough one as there have been so many it is hard to single one out. I think it may have been the 1st day after Ann and Ian's departure when I polished the brass sign on the front of the building, took and deep breath and really felt like I had arrived J

Q5. Where do you see the business going in the future?

A. I can see the business going from strength to strength with the addition to the team of some excellent personalities who care about recruitment as much as we do. We want to work even more closely with our clients and to be able to enlighten those who are more on the cynical side as to what a positive and productive experience recruiting can be if you use the right agency.