Openness, Honesty and Transparency - Shouldn't We Give & Receive These as a Minimum?

Here at Delta Consultants we like to work in an open, honest and transparent way. We don't deal in subterfuge or deceit or bullying tactics unlike some other agencies we have heard tales of. We do find the actions of some individuals quite incredulous though and I guess having a well rounded, fairly dark sense of humour as well as a thick skin does help us through. A couple of examples from this week are a new business set up whose address reads like the top floor of Trump Towers but whose actual details are more akin to my garden shed. Why? Are not you so proud of your location that you have to 'big it up'? If that is so glibly done, what else will be given a gold like coating when it is actually plastic you are selling? I just don't get it.

Another example was a declaration of performance so great the client would be mad not to employ this person. Package then thrashed out. OTE was uncapped, bonus paid on all sales and golden welcome put in place but offer refused as the candidate was worried they might have a bad spell or take some time to bed in. How can you be all bells and whistles one minute and maybe 'having a dry patch' another?

We believe business (as we do life) works both ways - treat us with respect, honour our integrity and keep in touch and we will do all of these and more for you. One day you will answer your phone and it will be us calling with the job of your dreams or maybe we will be calling your colleague instead, because they played nicely!