Play Nice

Well I am somewhat ashamed that it is our last office day of January and I haven't blogged yet this year. I have however been mulling over a number of points that have instigated lively debate in the office over the past couple of weeks and sadly they are still following a theme that we have been experiencing for quite some time - Speed of Response. I hope you don't think 'Here she goes again. Yadda yadda' but I cannot sit back and idly watch the constant efforts of my team (and no doubt many other Recruiters) just go down the Swanee. Yet again this week we have seen a potential fee dissipate in a puff of smoke as the client took so long to come back with 2nd interview details that the candidate had secured another position. This other company made him feel valued, wanted and respected so although he had been keen on the first role, the lack of action made him doubt his value to that business as well as their ability to react to opportunity and situations in the market.

A recent webinar and information in the press confirms even more the state we find recruitment in. 74% of people aged 16-65 are in work. By the 2nd half of 2016 the UK will be at full employment. There are 756,000 vacancies currently and that is an increase of 46,000 in the last year. Agencies placed 634,000 people in 2015. All sectors are seeing growth and we are in the 39th consecutive month of that growth. So tell me, why, oh why do clients still seem to squander the chance to hire great talent in a decent timeframe? Can I ask this, if you are a Hiring Manager who is thinking of registering a vacancy - have you set aside time in your diary:

  • a)To brief your agency thoroughly - that means a phone call, none of this 'Please communicate by e-mail only'
  • b)To actually review CVs and give proper feedback
  • c)To interview - 1st round and feed back
  • d)To interview -2nd round and feedback.

DO YOU ACTUALLY HAVE THE TIME AND COMMITMENT TO RECRUIT? If the answer is No then you are doing more damage to your company and its reputation by starting the process and then failing to complete the task than if you hadn't started the recruitment in the first place. You would be unhappy if customers were giving negative feedback on your service - do you not realise candidates do the same?

The pool of available, appropriate candidates is diminishing further and further with every new vacancy registered - buck the trend and RECRUIT RESPONSBILY. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any comments