Recruitment Waits for No-one

I find amazing candidates for my role. I speak to them. Their skills and experience match the role perfectly, they love the job, the company, they really want to be put forward for the role, all is great! I just need their CV emailed to me so I can send off to the client. My candidate tells me they will send me their CV that day.

So nothing comes through my inbox that day. I chase them for it. "Yes, yes, I'll send it tonight". Another day later, still nothing. I call and email them again for it, stating the urgency and importance I get the CV asap before the closing date. Still nothing. Before I know it's been a week and still no CV. I thought they were keen!

I understand we're all busy but this is your future, surely it's a priority? Unfortunately that candidate didn't get a look in. They missed the closing date for CV's to be sent and they lost out on the opportunity.

In recruitment, it can be a very slow moving or a very fast paced, so best just cover your back and get your CV sent as soon as it's ready or even be radical and have it ready before you apply?!

Often the recruitment process moves forward at a rapid rate and if you don't keep up, you'll get left behind.