Software Engineer, Software Engineer Wherefore art Thou O Software Engineer?

It seems these days that finding a fantastic Software Engineer is a real labour of love that maybe only Romeo and Juliet could understand. The trials and tribulations of this painful search etched only too clearly on the hearts of our Engineering Team here at Delta Consultants. We seem to be slap bang in the middle of a season of need and each week brings requests from clients, current and new, for these elusive skill holders.

Where are all you great Software Engineers hiding? Are you all so happy in your current positions that you do not feel any yearning to look up and outside to see what is available or is it that there are just too few of you darlings to go round? Or, is your lack of visibility a determined effort of the part of your employer to keep you tucked away high up on Juliets Balcony and out of our reach?

Here at Delta Consultants we feel we utilise our networking and search skills really effectively but can admit to being challenged a tad in the area of Software Engineering. Is this indicative of the market which we already know is at a decade low of available candidates or is there some secret code we have yet to decipher?

So here is our heartfelt plea, do help us thwart the aching pain in our chests and stop our pining. All we seek is a happy marriage between the desirous and the desired. Love overcomes all they say and here at Delta we truly love what we do - check out our jobs in case there is the perfect match for you.