Speed of light, Speedy Gonzales, Speeding Ticket, Speed of Response

So for all my educated readers....what word root links all of the above? Yep, that is right SPEED! We all have things in our day that call for swift and decisive action. Often these days and in the current work environments, this need for activity is brought about due to the lack of staff. Following downsizing, rationalisation, realignment - whatever label you want to give it - caused by the most recent recession, many companies including ourselves I might add, are once again looking to address resource shortages. Why is it then, when our clients register a vacancy and invest the time and effort to tell us all about the specific requirements of the candidates experience etc they then sit on CVs for weeks on end. They read our e-mails asking for feedback and don't reply. They hopefully listen to our voicemails and yet again, don't reply. Then, what seems a long time later, we are delighted to receive an interview request only to sadly confirm to the client that the candidate has taken a job elsewhere because another client responded promptly, had interview dates and format all sorted and made things happen thus left the candidate feeling wanted and valued. Why don't some clients get it that their lack of speed, response, acknowledgement is not just about 'getting back to the agency' with the same feeling as one would revisit a dentist for a root canal filling but an immensely valuable action. Don't they get it that in this candidate led market many applicants are left with a poor taste in their mouths if they don't hear back from the client. What impression does that give about the client organisation - not a good one. If they can't give timely feedback would they be slow in all of their processes? Do I want to work for a lumbering dinosaur or a light footed racing cheetah?

Clients - if you are going to recruit then do it with commitment and purpose! Decide on interview dates, review and respond quickly to CVs , give constructive feedback - ACT don't PONDER!