Time for Reflection

We are fast approaching that time of year that often brings some quiet time for reflection after all the hustle and bustle of Christmas Day. I have started my thoughts a little early this year as a situation, completely new to me, is giving me extra focus. I have always felt I am a people person. Past analysis has me labelled as a 'blue' person - very concerned about the welfare and wellbeing of those I have contact with. I guess this is evidenced by the nickname my son gave me as he approached his late teens - Smother. He tells me it is an affectionate moniker brought on by caring so much as a loving mother rather than suffocating him. I feel that I am generous and will always try to accommodate requests for help as much as I can and that covers my team as well as my family.

All sounds good I guess? Certainly my team say they feel as cared about as much as those in my home life which is fabulous to know. We all get on incredibly well. We laugh, rant, argue and live our 9-5 with a passion for what we do. We are sometimes almost knocked back on our rears by the sadness and bitterness that exist in some lives we have had the occasion to be touched by. I always say if you are unhappy with your life - make a change. Only you can do that. If you don't like that change then make another one. No-one can tell you what to see in the mirror or give you inner peace and tranquillity if you can't really feel and see these things for yourself. So many people talk the talk (often not that well either) and never walk the walk. So this year, I am going to love those I love just a little bit more, protect those under my wing and help those who want to soar to success and I am not going to think for one minute about the bitter bleaters who will one day choke on their own poison. Harsh? Maybe, but if canker in life is left to spread it will eventually infect all that it touches.