Want to Get More Out of Your CV?

Writing up your CV can seem like a bit of a daunting task, especially with an ever increasing number of jobseekers, all fighting to get recognised. Speaking from personal experience as a recruiter, here are some tips that may increase your chances of getting more job opportunities sent your way.

1. Make your CV easier to find and stand out, this will ensure you get noticed for the right roles a recruiter or employer may be looking for.

Show your suitability by adding:

· Visa Status and eligibility to work in the country of your choice

· How far you are willing to travel to work

· If you are willing to relocate or not

· Languages you can speak

· If you drive, own your own vehicle, and if you have an points on your licence

· The type of work you are looking for such as permanent, contract, full time or part time

· How soon you can start your new job, if you need to give notice period how long would it be

· Salary range (if necessary)

2. It's important to tailor your CV to the job you want. Recruiters will need some hints to what you're looking for or what you are particularly skilled in. Help us to help you.

Get what you want by adding:

· Short description of what your current and previous companies do

· What your ideal job would be

· Brands of products/equipment you've work with

· Legislation and regulations you've worked to

· What sectors you have supported or sold to.

· Your career ambitions for the future

· Your career highlights/projects

· What motivates you by your work

3. Being thorough will show you passion for your work.

Add these finishing touches:

· References

· If in sales, your targets and KPI's achieved

· When is the best times to contact you and your preferred method of contact (email or phone, etc)

· Any voluntary experience

· A link to your LinkedIn account/website

· Explain any gaps in your CV (travelling abroad, looked after an ill family member, moved house, etc)

· Why you left your previous jobs (redundancy, career progression, maternity, etc)

Crafting a CV is a fine art, so give us your Mona Lisa smiles rather than those Picassos!