When Recruitment Providers are True Partners

What a fantastic week! Monday got off to a bit of a slow start due to a protracted hospital Outpatient appointment but my delayed return to the office was met with that warm, thrilling thrum of busy phones and buoyant activity that makes Delta such a great company to work in. Tuesday had a client meeting focus with Elise and myself having the pleasure of spending time with a truly interesting, positive and warm Managing Director who gave time, information and excellent feedback - what's not to like?!

Wednesday I have to say was probably the highlight of the week (no offence to the positive and warm Managing Director) as I was asked to join in with a candidate interview for a Senior Sales role. What was so thrilling about that I hear you ask? The thrill was that the hiring manager had not interviewed for some time and had the intelligence and humility to ask for assistance as it was so important for her that this interview went well for both the company and the candidate. We set the scene, agreed the parts we were to play and conducted a smooth, enlightening and professional meeting. What was gained from this was the 'warm fuzzies' for me and a great interview for the candidate. What is more important is that my client has gone away now with renewed confidence as in fact, her interviewing was top notch and she would have been superb without me plus she now has a critical sense of self assessment. She wasn't sure about her ability, took positive action, had her style critiqued and was found 'Not Wanting' at all.

The joy in this was that she reached out to her recruiter and treated us as a partner not just a supplier. The moral of this blog is.....don't believe that all a recruitment company does is send CVs. We are so much more and if you wouldn't consider using your recruitment provider for company interviews, candidate and job profile preparation, salary reviews, market information or personnel issues counselling then maybe you aren't using the right agency.

I would have to say that the week took a downturn from Wednesday but only as that was such a high. Friday is here once again and I am already looking forward to Monday and the fresh challenges the new week will bring. On my 50th birthday I took a moment for reflection and asked myself what other kind of job could I do? The short and sweet answer is that there isn't any other kind of job for me - aren't I lucky? J