Why do Recruiters connect with me on LinkedIn?

I'm always surprised when it comes to contacting professionals on LinkedIn about a new career opportunity when I get a negative, rude response in return.

If you get messaged by a recruitment agency regarding a role they have on, this is usually because they believe you have the skills and experience required by a client for a job. By asking you if this is something you would be interested in, it is allowing you not to miss out on any opportunities.

In the initial stage, we don't know your situation, that's why we ask.

For example, if contacted for a role based in London requiring some of your skills our first glance of your profile it may look like you have the right skills.

It'd be worth contacting you to find out:

· If you are open to new career opportunities.

· What your current situation is.

· Exactly what skills you have.

· If you are looking, we would need to know what salary and what role you want, etc.

· Yes your profile may say you live in Scotland but that may have changed and you forgot to update your profile.

· You may want to relocate.

· You may not be suitable for the position but you may know of someone who is looking and would be suitable.

· This role may not be suitable but we may have another role in Scotland that may be suitable now or in the future.

For you:

· It's free to have opportunities sent your way.

· It's a way of keeping your options open.

· Broadens your horizons.

· You are keeping updated on vacancies related to you.

· It's a good chance to network.

· No effort is required from you to find work.

· If you don't have the time to answer these messages, you don't have to.

· If you don't want to answer at all, you don't have to.

· If you don't want to be contacted again, kindly reply with this.

· If you wish not to be contacted there are settings on your account to enable this.

· It's not intended to offend.

· You can use us for your very own free personal job hunter

For us:

· We are not cold calling, you signed up to be allowed to be contacted when you registered and confirmed your settings on LinkedIn.

· Everyone is selling/advertising on LinkedIn, whether it a product, a service, or your own skills. We are just doing our job.

LinkedIn was set up as a Recruitment Tool allowing professionals to be contacted regarding career opportunities and allow for networking.

So please don't misunderstand us. You never know, you might be looking for work one day and require our assistance.